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General Questions

Our inventory of residential properties has everything ranging from luxury apartments, exclusive villas to starter homes and mid-range residential apartments and also LIG flats. Our advice and professional suggestions on residential properties are based on the credibility of our experience and vast research in this field. Below are the list of properties we offer

  • Luxurious Apartments
  • MIG and LIG Flats
  • Commercial Flats

First, make your requirement and budget clear. It is advisable to visit our office to get maximum information on properties, and ongoing projects, etc. Then, if you decide to purchase a particular property, we will provide you full support so that transaction could go much smoother.

In our duplex construction plan you will be the owner of your plot on which lat is constructed. In multistrory apartments you have to share the plot with no of flats. You can contact us for more details on it.

Don't Worry!! We have a easy flexi plan for you. We also provide EMI option for your dream home. For more paymant plan, contact us. We will be happy to serve you.

Yes. Our project Location comes into Patna Master Plan, 2031.

Details related to Patna Master Plan, 2031 can be had by clicking on the following links:

All the above link is taken from the Urban Development And Housing Dept., Govt Of Bihar, which can be updated at time to time. You can check all updates on Bihar Govt Website.

Typically the structure of the plans that a developer offers to customers has a combination of both a construction-linked plan and a time-linked plan. There are 3 main types of payment plans that are popular in India:

  • Construction-linked plan (CLP): In a CLP, you will have to pay the instalments to the developer as per the progress of the property development. At predetermined construction related milestones, you will be expected to make a payment to the developer. Compared to time-linked and down payment plans, you are unlikely to get any discounts under this plan.
  • Time-linked plan: These plans require you to make your instalment payments based on predetermined timetable, irrespective of the progress that the property has made towards completion of the construction. Some developers also tend to offer discounts in a time-linked plan.
  • Down payment plan: As the name suggests, under this option you will have to pay the entire (or almost the entire amount) in a down payment plan to the developer at the time of booking your property. Because you are paying this money upfront, you can get a discount of up to 8% - 10% on the purchase price under this plan. However, if for some reason the property is delayed, or even abandoned, then by having given all the money up front, you can be at a disadvantage as recovering your money from the developer can be a logistical challenge.

Some developers also offer a flexi-payment plan. The payment structure in this plan is a combination of both a down payment plan and a construction-linked plan.

Yes, our Projects are RERA Approved. You can see details here.

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Orino Engicon Provides you better living standard at affordable price.

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